SBDC and SCORE Utilizing New Financial Projection Tool to Simplify Projections for Clients

score sbdcIn the Spring of 2012 Adam Hoeksema, Co-Founder of ProjectionHub, was working on his personal taxes using TurboTax when it hit him, “If TurboTax could take a highly complex process like preparing a tax return, and make it simple enough for someone other than a tax professional to complete, there must be a way to make the process of creating financial projections much easier as well.”

Adam manages a small business loan program at a non profit business incubator in the Indianapolis area, and often requires his loan applicants to create financial projections for their business.  He noticed that the typical Excel template that most people use to generate financial projections is too complicated and intimidating for most small business owners.  Adam said, “The light bulb really went off when I was working on my own taxes, and I thought that we could create a TurboTax-like tool for financial projections.  I called my brother who is a web developer, and we got started building ProjectionHub right away.”

Free Demo Version for SBDC and SCORE

The second version of ProjectionHub was released in early 2013, and is starting to gain some traction, particularly with business advisors at many Small Business Development Centers and SCORE offices.  The company recently released a Demo Version that is available to all SBDC and SCORE business advisors.  To access the demo version simply:

  1. Visit 
  2. Enter Coupon Code “score” or “sbdc”

Many business advisors are asking their clients to complete a set of financial projections using ProjectionHub before meeting face to face to walk through any questions they might have.  This drastically cuts down on the time it takes for the advisor to help the client create projections.  Give the tool a try today and see how it can help your clients improve the financial projection process.

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