Average Salaries for Startups

Million Buck Cheque 2A couple weeks ago we released our new Salaries Module on our financial projection app – ProjectionHub so I thought I would share some stats about the first 200 salaried positions at startups.  Although not all of our users are startups, I sorted the data to only include startup salaried positions.  Here is what I found:

  • Average Annual Salary for All Startup Positions - $66,894
  • Average Annual Salary for all C-Level Positions (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO) – $61,928  (notice this is lower than the average of all positions)
  • Some of the positions that had high outlier salaries include – Sales, Engineers, Web Developers
  • Not all positions start right away of course.  Many startups have to hire as they raise money and increase their customer base.  The average starting month for the first 200 positions was – Month 4
  • The average tax rate that users are tacking on to the projected salaries is – 8.9%

These are just a few interesting stats that I thought could be useful for other entrepreneurs.  We would love for you to create your financial projections with ProjectionHub here and use coupon code “ba25off” to get 25% off.


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